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"I have officially completed the 'True Me' Online Course by Kristal DeFeo. I feel absolutely so grateful for her and this course. It was so timely and she is aligned with the spirit of the lord (as I am a believer). I believe the Lord connected all the dots that I needed to leap me into who I was created to be, thank you so much. I feel deeply a freedom that I have not felt in awhile. I have been contending for this feeling for a very long time. I wept god is so good and I feel so good about completing from start to finish. For a while I would have always quit but I was determined and did it! My heart is changed towards my sister! Kristal is trustworthy and I thank her!"

"I love this young lady Kristal DeFeo! She has been an inspiration to me from the moment I met her. She has always been a joy to be around and very trustworthy. Which reminds me about one of the first connections I had with her. Her mom was staying with my 6yr old now 9yr old daughter for us to go to a wedding. But something came up for her mom and she couldn’t watch her for a couple hours on that day. Ms. Defeo offered to not just hang out with my daughter but to do something fun with her. I was in awe that she would even offer. But also my husband and I both agreed that that would be such a blessing. Because again she felt truly like a safe place. I say all this because as a therapist, a social worker or a life coach the most important part about connecting with any of these people is to be able to trust them. They are literally helping us with our precious lives. We need to share and be vulnerable but we would only do that with someone that can be trusted. Someone that has our best interest at hand. In the most recent couple months I decided to have Kristal help me with my life. To help me and coach me because as you all know it’s a new year and I knew that Kristal would gear me in the right direction. She has inspired me to truly live a full life. She has been a  listening ear. She has listened and shared her thoughts in a way that she helped me navigate through some life experiences I’ve had more recently. She has also shared some testimonies with me to help me to see how she dealt with hers. She most likely won’t share testimonies with everyone unless she feels like she can help someone with the testimony. But never the less she is someone you can talk to and she has wisdom beyond her years. She is fierce! Lastly, she has a full time job and does very well financially so she is not after a financial gain. She is simply in this “business” to help women and men be free. She has a heart of compassion. That is one of my favorite traits about KRISTAL she is a giver not a taker. She is sold out to help others walk out there purpose. I can say much more but I’ll stop here!"

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